The Aquatic Ape


The aquatic ape theory questions the origins of humanity and theorizes that we in fact evolved from the ‘aquatic ape’. Simply put, an ape that left the safety of the trees to explore the coastlines, finding new sources of food for survival.

Whether true or not, what was once somewhere flocked to for survival is now a place flocked to for leisure. Today, humans all around the world head to the coastlines for recreation and relaxation.

This series explores modern day man and our leisurely relationship with the coastlines all around the world. It also aims to show that once we put our preconceptions aside, it doesn’t matter what country you’re from, your beliefs, your social status or the colour of your skin. The world over, we all have something big in common, we just want to relax and be happy by the sea.


Ongoing project shot in Australia, Brazil, Indonesia and Hawaii… So far.

Medium: 35mm and 120 Film

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The Aquatic Ape (Digital Layout)10.jpg
The Aquatic Ape (Digital Layout)11.jpg