Young Lions & Disney XD: 'Adventure Xchange'


Disney has embraced wearable technology at its theme parks with the Magic Band, a device kids wear to check in to rides and buy food and merchandise. This device costs $10USD.

We use this or a similar wearable device to promote and reward TV viewing behaviour (and creates harmony between parents and their children).

Our target audience want every day to be an adventure but unfortunately a lot of those adventures are in front of screen instead of out in the world.

Adventure Xchange: where we encourage everyday adventure in the real world by making exclusive content with Disney XD the reward to getting out and having fun… The more real world adventures they have, the more Disney XD adventures we’ll give them.

We create a mobile and tablet app that connects to the existing wearable tech and records the heart rate and movement of its wearer. The more active the adventurer, the higher heart rate and more movement they acheive, the more minutes they accrue of exclusive XD content.

Their minutes are then used to watch XD content before it airs on their device or through their smart TV, keeping kids bodies and minds healthy.


My role: Creative, Art Direction, Design

Client: Disney XD / Young Lions (2015)
Agency: Lowe Profero
Creative: Timothy Batterham / Nicole Conway
Copywriter: Nicole Conway
Executive Creative Director: Ashadi Hopper

Merits: Finalist