The Rewards Bag


You know what we hate? Waste. And nothing is more wasteful than plastic bags. Australians use 3.92 billion plastic bags each year, and an estimated 3.76 billion of those end up in landfill. That’s messed up.

And while we are trying to reduce plastic waste with reusable bags, it’s forgetfulness or general lack of care that leads to the build up of plastic bags in our homes and landfill. 

This troubled us, so we started to think... What if we were incentivised to remember our reusable bags? So we dreamed up The Rewards Bag. A simple fusion of your rewards card and your reusable bag to incentivise you to bring it every time you shop. 

Bags are simply inserted with an NFC chip, matched to your account and is scanned on checkout, rewarding the consumer for the ongoing use of their bag. The user can attached multiple bags to their rewards account.



My role: Creative, Art Direction

Creative: Timothy Batterham / Nicole Conway

This work has been created as spec work, however, it's a concept close to our hearts and an initiative we would love to see become a reality. If you're interested in talking about this project, please get in contact.